Atos for Integrated Water Management

Water remains the most precious of all our natural assets. The massive increase in demand for water can place an almost impossible strain on resources. Worldwide, we consume around one billion liters of water every six seconds.


Whether in public or private ownership, every water company needs to manage controlled and safe supply, often while dealing with the challenge of aging infrastructure.  These aren’t the only challenges.


Every water company needs to:

  • Contain cost – minimising outlay on out-of-hours labor and energy spend
  • Improve customer service – building and sustaining mutually rewarding relationships

Atos is helping water companies meet their most complex challenges – ensuring that a rich stream of intelligently related data guides everything from field-force management to customer education.


With over 3,000 utilities specialists on our team, we are eager to examine the big picture with Water and Waste Management companies – sharing experience and best practice for sustainable and effective futures in connected water management.




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