Trust & Compliance for Utilities

Business Trust & Protected assets

How do you build trust, achieve transparency and smooth regulatory compliance in the new digital utilities landscape?


Whether we are talking about protecting client data; about shielding essential national resources from the threat of cyber-terrorism; or the obligation to respond in a timely and transparent fashion to regulatory reporting obligations – no utility can afford to underestimate the ever-present need to manage trust and compliance.


Trust and Compliance are shaped by different forces in your newly digitally-empowered business –when “everything is connected” and “everything is real-time” the actual scope for breaches in security and confidentiality increases proportionally.


We already see our utility clients paying increasing attention to the management of customer data repositories, for example, necessitated by the ease with which clients can now switch suppliers.


In considering customer experience, business reinvention and operational excellence, Atos ensures that trust and compliance remain prominent on the business and technology agenda.  As we begin to explore the future landscape of digital business empowerment, we will place particular emphasis on:


  • Design and management for critical systems and infrastructures - Resilient, high-availability infrastructure and SCADA solutions
  • Cybersecurity - Delivering end-to-end security – including full Security Operation Center services
  • Transparent compliance processes - Comprehensive management processes for regulatory checks and reports

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