Revenue Protection for Smart Utilities: the smart solution for non-technical loss


Electricity theft and other non-technical losses costs European utilities €3.7bn annually. These losses create a growing financial burden for utilities, consumers and nations alike. Atos Revenue Protection for Smart Utilities can help you recover those lost revenues.

Our solution offers a robust and comprehensive single point of control for the continually expanding mix of media technologies and devices. This boosts operator efficiency and creativity, while reducing the risk and cost of error.

Our revenue protection solution can be adopted in both traditional and smart metering environments.  It use advanced data analytics, with a strong real-time component, to predict, isolate and identify the anomalies in forecast consumption which point to irregularity.

The benefits are immediate and obvious.  In early trials, the success rate of visits to suspect sites rose from 10% to almost 25%.

Atos can take full responsibility for implementation, and can even provide the predictive analytics as a service, if desired.  With this solution, immediate adoption leads to immediate payback.





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