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Atos is one of the leaders in providing integrated design, build and operate solutions for the Power industry that cover IT for operations, maintenance, metering, trading, billing, real-time enterprise asset management, GIS, SCADA systems (EMS, DMS) and all corporate applications.

Our solutions include the most appropriate products that are either off-the-shelf, developed in partnership with software vendors, or components implemented according to the customer’s specific requirements and adjusted to market needs.

Power Generation

Atos provides the Nuclear industry with proven supervision and command/control systems, full scope engineering & training simulators and intelligent predictive maintenance systems. The Atos Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System platform designed for Nuclear Industry requirements is an open platform well adapted to address new build and refurbishment projects. It continuously integrates latest technology through an aggressive R&D program.


Atos has over 30 years’ experience in instrumentation and control for the nuclear power industry, with 300 systems installed in over 70 nuclear plants relying on our solutions. Atos is genuinely vendor-independent and is able to work as a systems integrator with all leading instrumentation and control specialists.


Long-Term Service Management

Nuclear power plants typically have an active life of around 40-60 years (although the long-term management of by-products is pretty much indefinite). The lifespan of industrial IT hardware and software is much shorter—typically between three and 10 years and this inevitable mismatch needs to be managed faultlessly.


Atos has a comprehensive approach. We call it MOC: Maintenance in Operational Conditions. MOC is designed to provide full industrial continuity as individual IT systems and components are renewed and replaced over a full operational life cycle of 50 years or more. Remember, we are not observers. As a proactive partner, we have R&D programs in place to keep all MOC components up-to-date and constantly improved.


Power Generation Capacity Planning and Scheduling

To maintain competitive edge in the power generation sector calls for highly effective solutions to precisely align capacity planning and scheduling with ever-changing day-to-day requirements.


The Planning and Scheduling solution from Atos enables power generators to increase profitability by optimizing the allocation of fuel generation units across several key control areas, which in turn minimizes total system production costs.


Fuel Planning

Power generators and energy suppliers are under relentless pressure to control costs. At the same time the shift towards multi-fuel power generation from a diverse mix of fossil fuels, renewables and biomass sources is adding complexity to planning processes.


The Fuel Planning solution from Atos gives power generators a centralised, user-friendly capability to manage all aspects of their fuel planning. It is a complete solution that enables them to optimise procurement costs by defining production scenarios and associated commodity requirements (e.g. fuel, emission certificates, etc).

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