IT transformation and continuity for utilities

Utility companies have never had to deal with such intense and widespread change. It spans generation and the need to balance traditional and renewable energy sources. It is deeply affected by sustainability and education. Liberalisation also means an urgent need to focus on the customer – and to deliver a differentiating service.


All of this is underpinned by the need to manage information – to create intelligence and value for customers, field service staff and senior executives alike.


Traditional three and five year fixed IT service arrangements can no longer deliver the operational and commercial agility demanded by today’s utility companies. It’s time to ask how your IT service partners can join you in the creation of new business value – to act as your specialist guides to essential IT transformation. Ticking the technical SLAs is no longer good enough.


Before you issue the next IT service RFP, why not raise your service expectations to a new level. Atos wants to talk strategic service value.


Your business technologists. Powering progress.

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