Joined up trading systems and commercial services that really add value.

Deregulation has turned previously stable power trading and commercialization practice upside down. As power companies seek to optimise the efficiency of their commercial processes in these wide-open markets, lack of consistency and communication across discrete software platforms becomes a real weakness. Joined-up systems are therefore essential.


Atos designs, builds, and operates joined-up trading and commercial systems for Energy and Utilities companies. You can benefit from of our software platform covering all trading activities in the Energy and Utilities markets with more than 20 implementations in different companies.


Our solutions are highly modular and massively scalable.


  • Energy Trading and Risk Management - PTRS is a flexible, standards-based solution for energy trading and risk management that has been designed to give your business a competitive edge in today’s increasingly complex and fast-moving energy markets.
  • Demand Response Systems - Atos has a coherent set of demand response and energy management tools carefully designed for maximum acceptance in the domestic market. These allow Energy and Utilities providers to balance clean portal ergonomics and attractive shared incentives with clear opt-out routes for any client opposed to participation.
  • eCar and eMobility solutions - With increasing awareness of the pressures on our environment, electro-mobility technologies present compelling potential to reduce dependency on oil and adapt our urban lifestyles for a more sustainable future. Atos EV charging points solution (ecarga) integrates the needs of all stakeholders involved in the electric vehicle value chain. It combines a complete and open set of services that are ready to roll now with the flexibility to embrace technological innovation and future market needs.
  • Home Energy Management - The Atos Home Energy Management system offers a new long-term service revenue source for Energy and Utilities organizations. In addition, its contribution to the precision with which suppliers are able to balance demand and response will deliver additional and increased margin.
  • Commercial Dispatching for Gas Shippers and for Gas Transport and Storage - The Atos solution is based on a complete integrated software platform with powerful data management features. It gives operators a powerful and highly effective framework to support every aspect of gas transport and storage.
  • Gas Station Retail Automation - Atos Fuel Retail Automation solutions help raise station efficiency to new heights. All core functions are managed smoothly with maximum automation and minimum need for human intervention.

Our trading and commercial systems are also designed to work in synchronisation with the industrial systems used to control the flow and consumption of power. With the emergence of Smart Metering, for example, contract and billing is automatically harmonized with actual usage. This brings multiple benefits:

  • Speed of adoption and minimized risk—phased roll-out according to business priorities
  • Easily extensible and future-proof—our trading and commercial systems are designed to sustain growing business
  • International and agile—the same core system can embrace all multi-currency, multi-contract, and multi-language requirements.

Because our vision is focused on homogeneous trading and commercial systems, we are also able to drive out the cost and complexity associated with using multiple, siloed approaches. An important collateral benefit lies in data centralisation, creating a usable resource for focused business intelligence.

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