Smart Metering &  Smart-Grid ready

There is a quiet revolution happening. Smart metering changes the relationship between consumer and provider as domestic, civic and commercial users seek to reduce usage and cost. Service providers, in turn, exploit smart technologies for optimised delivery and operational efficiency.

The Atos Smart Metering proposition stands out. It is robust, comprehensive and has already been chosen as the platform for roll-out to 35 million smart meters in France.

Our smart metering solution is full-scope:


  • Meter-to-bill – all billing and CRM interfaces are in place. The smart meter becomes key to more responsive and enduring customer relationships
  • Meter-to-grid – smart management of the low voltage grid becomes pivotal in the future of energy provision, and our solution is smart-grid-ready.

The Atos Worldgrid solution is completely vendor-independent, future-proofing implementation and minimizing risk.

We also offer an impressive set of project implementation tools, ensuring that complex, multi-party engagements can be managed with maximum efficiency and at minimum cost.

Smart Metering

An integrated proposition

As a full service provider to Energy and Utility companies around the world, Atos recognises the critical importance of integration. That is why in our smart metering approach, we place equal emphasis on meter-to-grid and meter-to-bill.

Atos has over 30 years’ experience in designing and managing the operational and business systems of major utility companies and with the arrival of smart metering, this heritage of experience proves its worth.

The ability to manage real-time data streams from operational technology systems is particularly relevant in the world of smart metering. As the practice of smart metering gains momentum, one of its primary characteristics will be to allow fine tuning of delivery and consumption – right down to device level, and with the Atos approach, you are ready.

When we shift from the grid-side to the customer side, Atos shows a similar depth of experience in both billing and CRM. Not only do we have the design and implementation experience, we are also Europe’s leading provider of outsourced transactional services.

Smart (but not too smart)

One of the design principles we have applied to our smart metering solution is to ensure that the meter itself cannot become a pinch-point to the efficiency and agility of the overall system.

In our design, the meter itself is not too smart – it is simply an efficient conduit to the smart grid node. Vendor-independence means that the utility company is not tied to any single meter type or provider – spreading risk and increasing purchasing power.

Why independence matters

Independence goes beyond the meter. With associated ERP systems, the choice is open. The majority of utility providers are now using SAP, and Atos has depth of skill both in generic and in industry-specific SAP-for-Utilities platforms, with over 10,000 specialists on the team.


Atos smart metering solutions are future-facing in every way. As machine-to-machine communication increases in importance with, for example, the increasing uptake of electric vehicles, we are ready to help our utility clients anticipate the challenges and opportunities which relate to smart grid and smart metering.

Our experience is solid, and we are ready to engage right now. Our smart meter discovery workshops, for example, have become a popular forum to share ideas and experiences.

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Smart Metering

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