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What makes the new world of the smart grid so different? More than anything else, it’s the shift to data-driven business. It’s the data which allows you to build better relationships with your customers; which gives you control over the low voltage network; which allows you to optimize distribution and the mix of renewables.


The Atos Smart Grid Suite (ASGS) is ready to help you make the switch to data-driven business. ASGS becomes the effective foundation of smart grid and smart metering strategies for forward-thinking utility companies.


You implement ASGS without sacrificing existing systems and without the need for major capital investment or mega IT projects. ASGS becomes your new smart grid nerve center, allowing you to collect and process all smart meter data, aggregating it with the output of both commercial and operational systems.


The secure and cost-effective management of rapidly growing data volumes is central to your transformation from utility to Smart Utility. Take some time out with Atos Worldgrid to explore how ASGS can help put you on the fast track.



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ASGS: the Smart Grid Nerve Center


ASGS becomes the key to effective operation for any smart utility – it’s the bridge which allows new intelligence to be revealed and new services designed and delivered.

ASGS delivers four essential functions

  • ASGS core This is the foundation layer. It delivers all Automated Meter Management functions, together with the requisite communications infrastructure.
  • Value-added services The ASGS value-added services provide Meter Data Management (MDM) services. These include validation, fraud and loss detection, and data aggregation from across the smart meter network.
  • Value-added business modules These are independent of the core system, and can be added as required. They include business functions such as meter roll-out supervision or the management of pre-paid customer accounts.
  • Integration capacity ASGS has been designed for effective and easy integration with the external applications on which you rely. These include both off-the-shelf business applications and the many highly customized applications still used within most utility companies.

ASGS combines both leading third party technologies and Atos Worldgrid specialist components. ASGS is completely “device-agnostic” and can be used in conjunction with all leading smart meters, concentrators, and networking components.

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