Delivering quantifiable gains

Effective management of power distribution is utterly reliant on the quality of available industrial control systems. This is true for the management of both high-voltage distribution networks and for medium and low-voltage distribution networks.


Transmission System Operators (TSOs) must be able to sustain the balance between supply and demand, or more specifically between centralized power generation and consumption by business, civic, and private users. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) must be able to ensure that consumers get the power they need whenever they need it, again keeping voltage variation within acceptable limits.


All these activities are well-established, day-to-day business necessities for Energy and Utilities companies. The challenge today is to undertake them with greater efficiency and with greater control over resources than ever before, especially with decentralized generation growth.

Effective and efficient power distribution

Atos designs and implements physical dispatch solutions used across TSO and DSO activity, with its Energy Management Systems (EMS) for the former and its Distribution Management Systems (DMS) for the latter. A solution from Atos delivers value from two perspectives:


  • Real-time data capture and processing from Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), located at key points on the power network, provides the information needed for timely and finely-tuned management. Information is presented using clear and intelligent graphical interfaces.
  • These same data feeds make an essential contribution to effective data modeling. Apart from its use in optimization and in aid-to-decision, this data makes for effective simulation for both engineering and training purposes.

Other key elements of our service include:

Smart Metering

Paying for people to walk around reading meters does not make sense. Wherever the practice remains in place, its future is limited. Manual meter reading inhibits the essential progression towards smart metering and the potential it represents.

Atos already has fully functional, secure Automated Meter Management solutions in operation. The Atos platform has been chosen as the basis for some of the biggest smart metering initiatives.


Utility companies choose us because our platform is hardware independent and our proposition is end-to-end. Not only do we provide the tooling for efficient mass roll-out, we wrap smart metering into a complete automated meter management system, taking it directly into integrated payment and CRM delivery.

Smart Grid

Smart metering and smart grid are two sides of the same coin. Now that electricity companies will be able to take active control over the low voltage network, the new information flow becomes an asset like never before. Not only will it transform the way you balance demand/response. It will also drive more active and collaborative relationships – especially with customers who are able to feed the grid through local renewables or use electric vehicles.


Atos already has solutions running for Smart Metering which are “Smart Grid Ready”, Smart Operation and Smart Home. We put Smart Metering Data Concentrators in the secondary substations as local intelligence split on the low-voltage network, or Smart Grid Nodes. Deep knowledge of the sector means that we can make an active contribution to both business and commercial strategy for smart grid adoption.

DSO Information System Management

Deregulation in the Energy market brings many positives, but it is not without its challenges. One of the most prominent is the impact on the information systems used to manage distribution: when the rules change, the system needs to change in line with new business models.


Atos will take full responsibility for the project from the start through to ongoing evolution and support. And as a distributor, you gain an information system that is both robust and agile—a platform for ongoing business development long into the future.

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