Customer Experience for Utilities

Retain customers, drive consumption

How do you put the utility customer at the center of a digitally transformed world?

In the most basic sense – it is impossible to differentiate core utility products.


Where you can and must create differentiation is now rooted in customer experience. You can only create sustained differentiation by exploiting your data assets to give your individual customers one-to-one service. Through digital transformation you can now create products which inspire enduring client relationships.


This is not just about giving your customers the best deal in terms of cost.  It’s about appealing directly to their own digital life-styles.  Just think about mobility and the connected home, for example. How can you give your customers more opportunities to control their homes and workplaces?


How can you establish dialogues with them that appeal to their own concern for the environment, especially when they are generating power at a local level through solar or wind turbines?

Atos is ready to explore this business-critical area with you, sharing our own specialist experience and expertise.


  • CRM - Building a 360° customer view around client expectations and behavior
  • Self-care Portals - Empowering clients to manage services and contracts
  • Meter-to-Cash - Creating profile-based plans and tariffs for accurate and transparent billing
  • Customer engagement - Exploiting self-service, multi-channel communication and digital signage
  • Services for Connected Homes - Making the Connected Home a focus for sustainability

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