Big data for Utilities

What makes “now” special for utility companies?


There are massive and disruptive changes in generation and distribution – the need to integrate and exploit renewables; the arrival of smart meters, smart grids and all their implicit machine-to-machine intelligence.


There are equally significant commercial and organisational changes – the need to treat customers as people not accounts; the need to manage continuing regulatory change in increasingly deregulated markets.


And in some way – all of this is connected.


The constant and massive flow of data has the potential to become an asset almost as valuable as the corresponding flows of electricity, gas or water.


But how do you begin to make practical connections - to reveal hidden insight, to turn the tide of digital traffic into actionable and differentiating intelligence?


Take time out to talk big data with Atos.


We have over 3,000 utilities specialists on our team, and 30 years’ practical experience in both operational and information technologies with utility companies. We’re ready to help you explore the next wave of data-driven business, exploring the landscape, defining strategy and identifying compelling targets for immediate experiment and reward.


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