Business Reinvention for Utilities

Innovation for growth

How can digital transformation support business transformation for utilities – with new ideas, new activities and new alliances?


As a utility, you face an extraordinary period of transition. There is a whole new landscape out there – a world of smart grids; of sustainability and renewable management; of electricity storage and electric vehicles; and emerging connected home eco-systems.  In this context of rapid and continual change, you do not need to be tomorrow what you are today. 


Your ability to form new business partnerships across the extended eco-system will be particularly important in your pursuit of business reinvention – with telcos and retailers, with automotive companies and white goods manufacturers.


Make Atos your partner in this exciting exploration of new digital opportunity. We are ready to share our own specialist experience and proven expertise in specialties including:


  • Electric Vehicles and Smart Cities - Creating alliances for business reinvention – partner with civic and automotive, for example
  • Open Innovation Platforms - Establishing practical frameworks for effective multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Trading systems - Taking real-time advantage of volatile energy markets in all trading activity


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