Utilities & The Digitally Discerning Consumer

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Demanding Digital in the Utilities Sector - Report


Demanding Digital in the Utilities Sector: View our Market Research Paper >>


Utilities companies provide essential services that we can’t live without. Water, gas and electric are perceived to be silent services.




Digital Business Empowerment for Utilities

As a utility company, how can you gain maximum benefit from the new revolution in digital technology? How can you ensure that the rapid advances in data analytics, in cloud, in mobile communications and in smart grids and meters deliver genuine, co-ordinated and differentiating business value?


Forrester Research estimate that although 74% of business executives state that they have a digital strategy in place, fewer than 16% believe they have the skills and capabilities to execute it.


There is good news. Combining our deep knowledge of the utilities sector with our extensive practical experience of digital transformation, Atos is ideally positioned to act as your partner for the digital journey – to help you achieve genuine digital business empowerment.


Our digital transformation experts will introduce you to the robust and practical Atos framework for digital business empowerment. With its focus on the four critical business challenges facing today’s utility companies, we will work together to assess current progress on your digital journey and to chart and monitor your digital transformation over the years ahead.


Start your digital journey here by selecting one of the four topics below.



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“We deliver innovative solutions for smart energy, helping our clients succeed in their business objectives while meeting consumer demand and complying with new regulations.”

Thierry BRETON, CEO and Chairman Atos


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