Redspottedhanky – Case Study

Redspottedhanky – Case Study

Speed and Simplicity for Online Travel Bookings

Booking your travel online is smarter with – for private and business travellers alike. It cuts booking costs and time, is simple to use, and provides amazing functionality.

With redspottedhanky, the emphasis is on fun. It is highly intuitive and engaging in design. Unlike many online booking sites, everything fits perfectly together to speed up and simplify the booking process – from core booking engine to the icons and images used for guidance and fulfilment. Social networking is built in, hosted blogs highlight current attractions and destinations, and it can all be accessed by a smartphone app or online portal.

Aimed at today’s and tomorrow’s traveller, is a highly effective business travel management service. It offers business people the speed and convenience of flexible online booking, along with loyalty points, but also adds control by enabling users to set parameters and limits for spend. It even delivers cost management through an “on-account” service, without the need for upfront spend.

Now redspottedhanky is becoming international, covering a growing range of European destinations and some global locations as well. Customers can book hotels, car hire and flights globally, theatre tickets in the UK, and rail journeys across Europe – bringing exceptional convenience and speed.

Working with specialist partners, such as Expedia for hotels, and Car Trawler for car hire, we now provide a complete experience from a single point of contact. Mobilising our unrivalled Atos capability in travel management concepts, redspottedhanky will break new ground yet again by creating a real-time travel management service – believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

Key benefits of redspottedhanky include:

  • Faster, lower cost, and simple to use
  • Great functionality and added value
  • Designed as a fun and intuitive service
  • Ideal for business travellers, offering control and cost management
  • Now going global to provide even more convenience in future

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Atos innovation in travel management with redspottedhanky

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