m-parking - mobile phone parking in Vienna - Case Study

m-parking - mobile phone parking in Vienna - Case Study

Electronic parking space management in Vienna

Worldline, working together with A1 Telekom Austria, has developed a service which makes life in a city more comfortable for drivers. In order to purchase a short-term parking ticket, a request is sent via mobile phone and parking fine woes become a thing of the past. Regarding administrative bodies, mobile phone parking also contributes to effective and useful parking space management. Parking control attendants are constantly connected to the central system via end devices, which only require a minimum of input. Furthermore, these devices also feature an integrated printer for issuing parking tickets. A solution called ASP has subse- quently been developed, making it possible for smaller communities to offer mobile phone parking to their citizens as well

Benefits for drivers

  • No paper, no small change
  • Not subject to opening hours of outlets
  • No purchasing of additional technology required
  • Secure authorization and payment
  • Notification prior to expiration 


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