Empower your logistics business with digital capability

In this digital era, logistics companies face increased security challenges, intense competition from many angles and now provide a range of services outside their traditional remit. The key to success is the ability to deliver high quality customer experience at every touch point, while continuing to drive end-to-end efficiency improvements across agile trusted supply chains.

With a focus on improving the services delivered by logistics organisations, Atos helps clients to transform their businesses, using digital solutions to improve tracking and delivery, increase supply chain efficiency, and drive growth through analytics and optimising systems and processes. We are a leader in innovative digital logistics solutions and work with clients to forge their futures through excellent customer experience, highly efficient operations and exciting new sources of revenue to build business growth.

We will help drive your digital journey to customer-centric business success by focusing on four critical business drivers:

Customer Experience

In the age of the customer, logistics organisations need to offer a seamless and tailored experience. It needs to be backed by data analytics strategies designed for rapid release of operational value and carefully mapped touchpoints aimed at attracting and retaining their customers.

We help logistics organisations to map delivery journeys and analyse growing volumes of ordering and delivery data to better understand what their customers want, improve existing services and introduce new services to differentiate their propositions. We can test the most innovative web and mobile services at our unique Customer Experience Lab to ensure they deliver excellent service to users.

Trust and Compliance

Customers expect safe delivery for freight, with secure payments. Logistics organisations must protect themselves from virtual and physical attacks in order to meet these expectations, and compliance to data protection or sustainability regulations is the best public expression of responsibility and trust in our new digital society.

Atos are expert in managing regulatory compliance and building strategies to combat the complexity of virtual and physical threats to logistics operations in the digital world, including fraud prevention. We can help logistics organisations create and maintain a trusted relationship with their customers through enhanced security and regulatory compliance levels.

Operational Excellence

Highly efficient customer services and back-office processes need real-time integration with flexible, personalised customer interaction solutions. Operations must be streamlined for service excellence and cost control, leveraging next generation applications for agility and exploiting new value through the convergence of information technology and operational technology.

Underpinning digitally empowered operational excellence is the need to create a unified view of internal information technologies and customer data while exploiting the Internet of Everything. Atos can help combine this actionable intelligence with insights gleaned from operational data. This enables logistics organisations to drive efficiency and enhance capability across internal processes, improve planning and workforce management, accelerate decision-making, speed up operational interventions, optimise the supply chain and minimise delivery disruptions.

Business Reinvention

With changes to the traditional remit of logistics organisations, the new digital age demands a fusion of B2C and B2B operating models. It also requires strategies to execute new technology domains that will increasingly have a disruptive impact on business – Internet of Everything, cloud services and big data, for example.

The age of digital also calls for logistics organisations to make the transition to flexible and cost-effective cloud computing. Atos support logistics organisations in their digital transformation journey and we help them to realise the benefits that digital ways of working offer.

We work with logistics clients across the world, leveraging our vision for agile, trusted end-to-end supply-chains delivered through digital transformation and connectivity:

  • Optimising operational excellence for 20,000 mobile workers at a major national post office, enhancing logistics capability and improving customer service and efficiency.
  • Saving costs and delivering excellence through business reinvention, by providing infrastructure outsourcing services for an international automobile, contract and container logistics company.
  • Transforming the logistics strategy for a European airmail centre, managing over 400 tons of airmails daily and as many as 11,000 mail items per hour.

Our extensive logistics business knowledge is backed by worldwide expertise across many other sectors, together with a vibrant partner ecosystem. We leverage specialist capabilities for our logistics clients particularly from:


Formed as a joint venture between Atos, EMC and VMware, Canopy provides end-to-end cloud services, enabling logistics clients to drive transformational IT by leveraging world-class data centre and consulting services.

SME Harbour

Atos helps logistics clients work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to leverage the innovation that they offer. Our unique SME Harbour programme provides an environment for collaboration with best-of-breed SME specialists, based on complementary capabilities and knowledge, in order to add client value.


From parcel delivery schedules to the whole payments chain, Worldline makes it possible to improve management and reduce costs for logistics companies. Worldline supports our clients with e-services, e-commerce and highly secured and specialised web hosting systems to help reduce fraud and create loyalty with clients.

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