Social collaboration in hotels

zero internal email

Well-connected workers

Tomorrow’s hotel workers use social software in their leisure time. They expect to do the same at work.


It’s not a problem.


In fact, the well-connected worker presents a wonderful opportunity to transform the way your hotel does business. Your employees’ experience and skills in social collaboration is your path to productivity, efficiency, innovation, and a much enhanced guest experience.


Just for a start, enterprise social software will free your employees from email, probably saving them 25% of their working day. Think how that time could be used to add more value to your guests’ experience, helping your hotel gain competitive edge over rivals.


Social Collaboration platforms also allow effortless communication between team members. Imagine the benefits you will gain from faster information sharing about guest issues. Faster sharing means faster resolution, resulting in increasing guest satisfaction. It’s important your guests’ experience is tailored to their specific requirements. With social collaboration, you can be sure that every staff member is working together to that common goal.


Your social hub will also open up vast opportunities to nurture innovative ideas – for attracting new guests, or improving the quality of their stay. That will improve staff morale and sense of value to your organisation. It will also help you recognise productivity and performance, make appropriate reward for your champions, and retain the very best of the ‘Facebook Generation’ to realise your vision.

Atos helps hotels work smarter and faster


Atos understands hotels and their unique challenges. With our blueKiwi enterprise social software we can transform the way your teams work together and share information right across your organisation.


Hotel teams, head office teams and cross function teams can now collaborate anywhere,  working smarter and faster than ever before. With blueKiwi as your organisation’s single project management and social hub, you can harness the power of social collaboration to work for you.


blueKiwi is an Atos company, Europe’s leading provider of enterprise social collaboration software, with solutions to help hotel employees, partners and customers to :


  • Streamline communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Work anywhere
  • Capture collective intelligence
  • Identify key people
  • Foster collaboration

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Joaquim Marques
Director of Hospitality

Atos bluekiwi hotel factsheet

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