Highways Agency - Agile & collaborative Approach to Upgrade - Case Study

Case Study – Agile and collaborative approach to upgrade maintains Agency accreditation

The Highways Agency faced a major challenge when it was required to implement a significant upgrade from its current Windows XP platform to a new Windows 7 platform.

As well as the logistical issues it faced because of its 3,500-strong workforce being dispersed all over the country with varying shift patterns, the Agency’s estate required a complete refresh, and it needed to be implemented fast in order to retain access to the Government’s secure network.

As a long term outsource partner, Atos was able to leverage existing knowledge of the Highways Agency to ensure that the programme was successfully completed in a short timescale of just eight months. There was minimal client disruption, the Agency retained its Government accreditation and employees could continue to access secure shared networks. Moreover, the Agency is saving money on applications licenses that are no longer needed, and maintains a streamlined software estate.

Now, Agency employees use a consistently stable, up-to-date Windows 7 platform. End users report less incidents than before the upgrade, and feedback suggests an improvement in user perceptions of ICT support.

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