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Airlines and airports face major challenges in the digital world. Competition is driving down profit margins, while fuel and other materials, labour, and the impact of intense security regulation are sending operational costs sky high. Connected customers are no longer loyal to traditional brands, and every seat occupancy has to be fought for by providing service excellence and enhanced customer experience while aiming to drive up ancillary revenue.

Atos is a leader in innovative digital transport solutions, working with clients to forge their futures through excellent customer experience, highly efficient operations and exciting new sources of revenue to build business growth. We work with airlines across the world, delivering digital solutions to answer compelling business challenges such as these.

We will help drive your digital journey to customer-centric business success by focusing on four critical business drivers:

Customer Experience

We are in the age of the customer. Organisations need to offer a seamless and personalised experience, backed by data analytics strategies designed for rapid release of operational value, and touchpoints carefully mapped to attract and retain customers.

Atos helps airlines to transform customer experience, using analytics tools to gain insight from growing volumes of customer data in order to develop consistent and innovative easy-access flight details, travel information and ticket buying services. These can also be tested at our unique Customer Experience Lab.

Trust and Compliance

Compliance to data protection or sustainability regulations is the best public expression of responsibility and trust in our new digital society, and passengers expect safe delivery for themselves (and their luggage), payments to be secured and data to be protected. The same is true for cargo customers with their air freight. So airlines and airports must ensure they have properly protected themselves from virtual and physical attack.

Atos is expert in managing compliance with the plethora of air safety and operating regulations, and works with the aviation industry to build strategies that combat the complexity of virtual and physical threats to air safety in the digital world.

Operational Excellence

Highly efficient customer services and back-office processes need real-time integration with flexible, personalised customer interaction solutions. Operations must be streamlined for service excellence and cost control, leveraging next generation applications for agility and saving money by modernizing back-office IT. Creating a unified view of internal information technologies and customer data underpins digitally empowered operational excellence.

Atos help airlines to release and analyse operational data to drive excellence across internal processes; optimising efficiency, improving planning and workforce management, accelerating decision-making, speeding up operational interventions and avoiding or minimising flight disruptions.

Business Reinvention

Digital transformation demands a fusion of B2C and B2B operating models, enabling airlines, airports, retail partners and customers to collaborate as part of a new travel ecosystem. It also requires strategies to execute new technology domains that will increasingly have a disruptive impact on business – Internet of Everything, cloud services and big data, for example. Atos supports clients on their journey to achieving a business model that is optimised for today’s digital world, including transitioning to and operating a flexible and cost-effective cloud computing environment.

We work with airlines, airports and other organisations across the aviation value chain throughout the world, leveraging our vision for an end-to-end passenger journey, delivered through digital transformation and connectivity:

  • Reducing delays and enhancing customer experience at a global airline by designing and building a bespoke real-time dashboard to support critical decision making during disruption.
  • Developing a smarter and more profitable customer strategy for a European airport by analyzing the entire customer journey and streamlining the physical and digital experience.
  • Creating greater customer loyalty by improving baggage services for a major airline, securing considerable cost savings and quality control in baggage logistics.

Our extensive transport business knowledge is backed by worldwide expertise across many other sectors, together with a vibrant partner ecosystem. We leverage specialist capabilities for our transport clients particularly from:


Formed as a joint venture between Atos, EMC and VMware, Canopy provides end-to-end cloud services, enabling aviation clients to drive transformational IT by leveraging world-class data centre and consulting services.

SME Harbour

Atos helps aviation clients work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to leverage the innovation that they offer. Our unique SME Harbour programme provides an environment for collaboration with best-of-breed SME specialists, based on complementary capabilities and knowledge, in order to add client value.


From browsing journey schedules to checking-in via a mobile phone, Worldline makes it possible to increase customers’ comfort while reducing costs for aviation companies. Worldline supports our clients with e-ticketing services, railway service, and multi-modal itinerary management and booking software platforms to help travel planning.

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