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The telecom market is changing fast as new entrants come into the market, customers demand a constant stream of new services, expectations for service quality keep rising and the need for cost reduction simply never goes away.

Most large telecom companies have reduced costs as far as they will go and now need to look at changing the way they work in more radical ways, if they are to stay ahead. That means a complete change in their approach to IT.

New service model

As the market changes, so telecom players need a greater capacity to move flexibly in new directions, scale smoothly and without disruption, and transform their cost base so that they pay as they grow. Atos Right Fit Application Management delivers exactly that. Right Fit AM:

  • Industrialises and automates legacy IT to reduce OpEx and support transformed applications
  • Reduces costs by 35% in the first 3 years and continuously drives costs down by up to 10% a year after that
  • Transforms from legacy to a 21st Century scalable future-proofed platform, ready for the Cloud
  • Builds on a global community of 9000 TMN specialists, with 1000 BSS and 700 OSS experts
  • Connects telecom players to key innovations, including the revolutionary Telco Bridge, which delivers seamless interconnectivity between IT and Business processes across application chains in an ecosystem context.

Securing your future

In the telecom market, IT will come under increasing pressure in the years ahead. Improved speed, cost-efficiency, quality of service, agility and customer focus will only be possible for telecom companies that have IT environments agile and responsive enough to face any challenge with confidence.

Building on Atos Right Fit AM for Telecom is the key to competitive advantage, now and into the future. 

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Download Applications Management for Telecoms Brochure >>

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