Operational Excellence for Telecoms

Augmented agility

How do you increase agility and reduce cost through re-imagined operational process?


As business technologists with a renewed focus on Digital Business Empowerment, Atos is using all its skills and experience to help take cost-effectiveness and agility to a new level – the small 3-5% incremental improvements on existing service contracts are no longer good enough.


But advances in operational excellence will rarely be achieved simply by buying into new technology – it demands a willingness to re-imagine operational process for the digital age – and this is where establishing a sustained dialog around Digital Business Empowerment will really pay dividends.


Telecommunications companies have made massive strides in improved operational performance in recent years. But the real challenge is only just beginning to emerge.Real excellence will increasingly depend on your ability to understand and exploit the relationships between multiple commercial and operational information sources – and it is how you exploit this new cross-over that will create lasting business differentiation.


In our exploration of digital transformation and operational excellence, we will share ideas and examples of specialties including:


  • ITO - Today’s telcos need effective IT partnerships more than ever before. As an end-to-end provider of IT outsourcing, Atos’ telco experience pays dividends
  • Application Management - Sustainable success is reliant on the end-to-end management of your business processes.  Our approach bridges business process and IT for dynamic application management you can measure in quantified operational improvement.
  • Smart OSS - Network and product performance have a direct effect on profitability and customer satisfaction.  Smart telcos need smart operational support systemsHow do you increase agility and reduce cost through re-imagined operational process?

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