Mobile Virtual Network Operators



Innovative new players compete side-by-side with established telecommunications companies – who in turn can turn the MVNO model to advantage in both global and domestic markets.

From now on, the key to success – and to sustainable success – will be the ability to turn good ideas into industrially executable services. Often this will mean working in complex multiple partnerships. Always it will mean that controlled agility becomes a competitive differentiator.

And this is just the beginning.

Atos is a leader in MVNO solutions. We deliver:


  • Rapid time-to-market for MVNO and new service launch
  • Massive scalability – with full BPO options
  • Focused service for niche players and Mobile Network Operators with international aspirations

Our rugged, industrialised MVNE platform provides the foundation for any MVNO seeking to create immediate and differentiating value.

Move beyond cost. Atos is ready to equip all MVNO classes to add winning value.

Who are the players?

Although Europe has been in the lead to date, the distribution and adoption of the MVNO model is already beginning to shift, both in terms of geography and sector. From now on, we can expect a surge in the importance of the MVNO model on the global stage, as different players ask how the model can benefit them:



  • MNOs that until now have sold capacity to MVNOs, seek to establish their own MVNO brands as a means to national and/or international expansion.
  • Pure MVNOs, with no network ownership or spectrum allocation, extend the value-added communications services which are their core business.
  • Non-telecommunications players (retailers, media companies, etc) introduce communications services as an integral part of their proposition.
  • Fixed and cable operators use the MVNO model to add mobile services to their existing portfolios.

This is the also the context in which companies, like Atos, with specialist MVNO and MVNE propositions, are making their move.

Positive Disruption

To understand the new MVNO business models, it is important to understand the central role of IT – the success of any MVNO-based business depends on the efficiency and innovation with which technology is used. It is the technology which enables third parties both to access the telecommunications core and to develop new application-driven services. The use of VoIP is the most obvious instance, but this really is just the start – consider, for example, the rapidity with which GPS-based and mapping services are already beginning to feature in telecommunications and MVNO offering portfolios.

IT does not just underpin the customer experience. It is also the means through which MNOs and MVNOs are able to manage the essential collaboration which makes it possible for the business model to work. The MNO BSS (Business Support Systems) and network element resources can, for example, deliver essential customer usage information, which is not only critical in ensuring effective network operation but can also be used to create new services.

Similarly, sophisticated MNO charging systems can become essential shared resources for managing the cost and revenue allocation resulting from new services and application downloads.

The current and future success of the MVNO model hinges on the quality and sophistication of business collaboration tools and systems. Mutually profitable revenue and cost sharing between multiple partners can only be assured if industrial-strength applications and collaboration infrastructure are in place. Get it right, and the permutations of the basic model are many and agile.


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