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Every telecommunications company operates in a whirlwind of change. Customer expectations rocket as wave after wave of new technologies, products and services hit the market. In parallel, brand loyalties evaporate along with the margins from commodity services.


Under these pressures, telcos must boost agility while continuing to drive out cost and increase operational efficiency.


In this climate of radical change, it’s worth taking a hard look at your IT service partnerships too.


Do the nailed-down, three and five year service contracts which have been the norm until now deliver what you need in this climate of accelerated change?


We think not. It’s time to move beyond basic service relationships, built around technical SLAs. It’s time to ask how your service partners can begin to deliver strategic value – speeding the adoption of new ideas and practices.


Before you issue the next IT service RFP, why not raise your service expectations to a new level. Atos wants to talk strategic service value.


Your business technologists. Powering progress.


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