Customer Experience for Telecoms

Loyalty not Churn

Every telco understands just how much the experience and expectation of their consumer and business customers has changed in recent years – with mobility, smart phones and OTT providers among the clearest pointers to change.


When considering Customer Experience from the perspective of Digital Business Empowerment – it’s worth asking simply how you can continually wow your customers with the quality, range and value of services on offer – this is the key to enduring loyalty and success.


We need to think from the start about how smart thinking can help you build individual relationships with individual customers - and that means know what your customers are interested in, knowing what they like and dislike, and knowing how their expectations are changing.


Quality of experience counts: happy customers are loyal customers – and loyal and happy customers spend more.  The opposite is also true – one 15 minute wait for service in a phone store, and your customers are ready to walk to the next competitor in the mall.


Atos brings a real breadth of sector-specific business technology skills to these discussions, including:


  • Telco data analytics - Telecoms is the most data-rich of any sector – exploit that data to build the personal propositions that underpin client loyalty and boost spend
  • Consumer cloud - Entice clients to trust you with their ever-expanding digital histories
  • Omni-channel commerce - Empowering your clients to do business over any device and any network according to real-time context

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