Trust & Compliance for Telecoms

Business Trust & Protected assets

How do you wrap everything in trust and compliance – in the face of changing regulatory conditions?


The phone has become the most personal of all possession: our contacts, our texts and tweets are now an intimate part of our lives. For every telco, reputation rests on respect for customer data – but it does so at a time when that data is more valuable than ever.


It’s a dilemma – and a dilemma further complicated by regulation and compliance – but those who manage it most effectively will be the winners in the years ahead.


For your business and consumer clients, trust is non-negotiable - and trust can only be earned if you are constantly able to anticipate, assess and communicate risks.


In considering customer experience, business reinvention and operational excellence, Atos ensures that trust and compliance remain prominent on the business and technology agenda.  As we begin to explore the future landscape of digital business empowerment, we will place particular emphasis on:


  • Transaction security - Fraud management and analytics for all e-transactions – with a focus on contextual mobile payment from Atos Worldline
  • Cybersecurity - Telecommunications security consultancy, end-to-end security design and Security Operation Centres (SOCs)


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