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Over the last five years, Atos has carried out over forty major OSS projects for telecommunications clients. Two clear messages jump off the page as a result of this experience. Firstly, we know that every communications service provider can radically reduce operating costs and boost agility by rationalising OSS. Secondly, we realise that no two providers share the same status quo.

Atos brings three essential capabilities to telcos wishing to get the very best from their OSS investments:


  • We design and implement full OSS transformation programs, creating seamless service oriented architectures in place of previously siloed operations
  • We manage the integration of new functions and services within existing OSS environments
  • We take full responsibility for ongoing OSS management, ensuring clear continuity during periods of change

By combining these highly specialized skills, Atos helps its telecommunications clients achieve both the greatest business efficiency from these essential systems while minimising the ongoing cost of management and operation.

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By transforming to a Service Oriented Architecture which is independent of the underlying service networks you gain immediate and significant business and operational advantages:


  • The cost and complexity of maintaining and managing network-specific OSS is eliminated
  • Switching to a “plug-and-play” OSS architecture boosts IT productivity, making it possible to share common applications and to establish efficient interfaces with essential business systems such as CRM and billing.
  • The new joined-up view increases operational intelligence, radically improving the efficiency and focus of all planning, resource allocation and change management.

With around 35% of all telecommunications IT spend consumed by OSS and BSS, the scale of the promised savings and service improvements is significant.

Atos is experienced across the full spectrum of OSS services, working in all four domains: 


  • Fulfillment - Provisioning and activation
  • Assurance - Managing both service quality and resource performance and fault management and monitoring
  • Operation Support – expertise in both inventory and resource management and in workforce management
  • Billing & Revenue – with a particular focus on mediation

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Download transforming Operational Support Systems brochure >>

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