Virtualising the CSP


The Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) are two intertwined concepts addressing Communication Service Provider (CSP) challenges such as CapEx and OpEx reduction and creating quickly new services to grow top line.


Agility is needed to support innovation in a market where the borders between telecom operators and OTT’s are blurring. In addition, CSP’s can’t any longer act in isolation and need to adapt new business models and have close cooperation with third parties.


There is an unprecedented uptake of SDN and NFV by CSP’s to help bringing the cost savings and benefits but along with it, many challenges. Physical networks will be replaced for most part by virtual networks but a hybrid situation will exist for the next 5-10 years.

Many new vendors will enter the market and standards and solutions need further development. Integration with existing networks and OSS and BSS is yet another challenge.


Since network and IT will blend, also the organiational changes, mind set and skills need to be addressed.


Our vision of the CSP: Working in a hybrid environment for the next 10 years.





Atos has an established record of service delivery to the Telecommunications industry. Capitalizing on our vision and expertise in the CSP’s IT and networks, we are well positioned to support CSP’s in all aspects of their digital transformation, whether this is building virtual infrastructures, integration, managed services, business process or organisation change.


Atos is vendor agnostic and as a Service Integrator can manage the complex and changing vendor eco-system which is needed for building the future CSP.

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