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Today’s explosion in data usage means that CSPs are faced with the task of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second during peak hours. Legacy charging technologies were simply not designed to handle this load and many CSPs have learned the hard way that they cannot adapt yesterday’s technology to cope with today’s demands.

What CSPs desperately need is a real-time capability that is unconstrained by the limitations of legacy technologies and capable of offering superior flexibility and configurability to cope with fast-evolving market conditions.

Atos Online Charging has been designed to meet these demanding requirements, improve CSP efficiency and enhance the customer experience. It sets new standards in price/performance thanks to its advanced real-time charging engine that can comfortably support the growing volume and complexity of services requiring real-time processing.

In addition, Atos Online Charging is 100% configurable to meet evolving requirements and it offers CSPs the flexibility and scalability they need to cope with rapidly-growing data volumes and evolving needs.

Atos Online Charging

Data tsunami

The data tsunami represents a unique opportunity for CSPs to reengineer their systems to allow innovative payment models, reduce network complexity and build profitable relationships both with the customer and with third party content providers.
But to get closer to the subscriber, CSPs need to break down the legacy charging and billing silos which reduce flexibility, hinder innovation and negatively impact the customer experience.

By adopting Atos Online Charging as their real-time charging platform, CSPs can embrace innovation and support new customer-centric charging models such as shared balances across multiple devices, family, community & enterprise groups, so leveraging investments in LTE network assets.

Beyond balances

In the past, real-time processing was often seen as too expensive to deploy for anything other than pre-paid voice services despite the well understood business benefits. But pre-paid balances are just the tip of the iceberg.

Atos Online Charging makes real-time charging economically viable for all subscribers and services, enabling CSPs to reap the benefits of real-time interaction with customers while dramatically reducing operational costs.

Here are just a few examples of how real-time processing can benefit your customers:


  • Itemised data billing tells them how much data was consumed by a specific transaction 
  • Advise customers before they act -- before they download a bandwidth-hungry movie, for example 
  • Alert customers who are close to their monthly data cap so they can choose to buy more bandwidth or reduce speed 
  • Implement spot pricing for bandwidth so that it is cheaper when the network is less congested 
  • Offer innovative marketing programs, such as sharing of data allowances among "friends and family"

Next-generation technology

Atos Online Charing is offered in conjunction with Matrixx, an Atos partner, and a leader in next-generation charging technology.

The Matrixx Charging Engine is 3GPP-compliant for both online (OCS) and offline (OFCS) charging, and complies with Diameter DCCA standards for event and session based rating.

Radical changes to the underlying database and transaction management technology ensure no degradation of performance even for the most complex services, making Matrixx Charging Engine an LTE ready platform. 

Winning price/performance

Innovations such as the Matrixx Algebraic Engine, a contention-free in-memory database, and Matrixx parallel processing for transaction control give the Atos Online Charging solution an unbeatable advantage in the market with truly outstanding price/performance. Trial results show that for each €1 invested in the Atos charging engine a CSP would need to spend €50 or more on a legacy Intelligent Network-based solution from a network equipment provider.

Why Atos?

At Atos, we are committed to providing our customers with the best online charging solution, one that combines industry-leading technology with our unrivalled expertise in delivery and systems integration. We have a single-minded focus on solving your business challenges, which ensures that the online charging solution is ideally suited to your particular needs and IT maturity.

Complex IT projects of this type require a special mix of careful planning, extensive experience and superior technical skills. Atos has considerable expertise in billing systems migration and an unrivalled track record for delivering IT integration projects in the telecoms sector based on our 20 years of experience working with all the top CSPs.

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