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The social factor



Mobile network operators are experiencing some of the toughest competition in the world. Have you ever stopped to consider the potential of consumer networks? Business in the past has been driven on technology advances and pricing mechanisms, but at heart your business revolves around social connections – churners influence others to churn, adopters encourage others to adopt. Now a new solution from Atos enables you to harness the social power within your networks – so you can understand business dynamics at a much more insightful level. Enterprise Customer Intelligence is an innovative combination of Speech Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Social CRM, Network Intelligence and Business Intelligence which will join the dots between previously separate systems and drive customer insights across your organisation. The benefits are clear – predictive understanding of network behavior on an individual basis along with reduced churn and fraud, higher retention and adoption as well as matched-up marketing investments.

Your potential

You are sitting on a mass of raw data which – properly interpreted – will tell you everything you need to know about growing new services, margins and ARPU. Mobile operators run the world’s most active social networks – but until recently the behavioral codes dictating their dynamics have remained obscure. With the right application of connected analytics, you can now unlock these codes and drive fresh network growth.

Our expertise

Atos is a leading global IT partner – with unique positioning as the business technologists. That means we are technology-neutral, and come from a specific business process perspective. In telecommunication, we have over thirty years of global experience helping carriers and service providers extend their market leadership. We are ideally placed to bring together the multiple strands of Enterprise Customer Intelligence, understand the current gaps between technology systems and deliver a rich fusion of customer knowledge for your benefit. Our consulting is objective and driven by measurable action. Enterprise Customer Intelligence is the first solution on the market to smart-link CRM, BI, data warehousing and other systems so that you reach a truly holistic understanding of your customer network.

How it works

Enterprise Customer Intelligence works by linking up previously disconnected knowledge and enriching it with new analytics and intelligence. Bringing together Speech Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Social CRM (including Social Media Analysis), Network Intelligence and Business Intelligence, we make customer awareness an enterprise discipline from the sales front and operations to the executive board and infrastructure layer. We work with leading partners in Speech Analytics and Social Network Analysis to reveal the individual patterns of behavior that will inform your future growth activities. ECI – it’s about smarter, more intuitive customer relations.

Benefits and unique advantages

Creating a more intelligent understanding of your customers is the start of a whole series of positive outcomes – from reinforced retention to reduced churn, from greater adoption to new service introduction, from clear decision making to more accurate marketing spend. And you also get to enjoy unique advantages around these initial benefits. We are vendor-agnostic, leaving you with the flexibility and freedom to intelligently adapt to future changes. We are globally present in force, enabling you to roll out ECI in any emerging market. We are adept in complex integration, combining data management and Business Intelligence expertise with the ability to integrate SaaS and host ‘black box’ solutions. And, naturally, as the recognised leader in managed services in your market, we are optimally positioned to help you run your ECI implementation.

Our commitment

Enterprise Customer Intelligence is an innovative solution which you will not find elsewhere in today’s marketplace. It is, however, built on decades of telco business partnership as well as refined CRM, BI and social network capabilities. We are committed to helping you unlock the social code currently driving your consumer networks – and to turn that revealed knowledge into successful market actions. Whatever your precise scenario – responding to fresh competition, penetrating new markets or developing rich media offerings – we bring you a consistent project method and combined toolset to analyze, interpret, understand and predict network behavior. Your business results are socially conditioned – are you in control of the key social metrics? Enterprise Customer Intelligence is a new kind of technology solution which turns mass unstructured data into hard business currency. As market competition reaches saturation, why not go deeper and reveal your social power?

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