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Right now, consumer cloud services offer telcos the chance to boost their appeal with customers and achieve clear stand-out from new market players.

You probably already provide some degree of consumer cloud services – with personal data archival and restore the dominant functions. But Atos is ready to help you take your consumer cloud proposition to a new level.

The consumer cloud landscape now offers you immediate opportunities to create new and compelling market propositions. Most significantly, the new consumer cloud gives you the opportunity to turn legacy data, processes and skills from a burden into a differentiating strength.

From your position of device-independence and deep-client relationship data, you can deliver a totally joined-up experience for your consumer clients, allowing them to enjoy personal content safely and consistently across the complete range of devices, from smart-phone to tablet and TV.

The Atos proposition is “ready-for-revenue” – so take advantage now and fast track a new and differentiating consumer cloud proposition.

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The Atos consumer cloud proposition for telecommunications operators is end-to-end. Atos acts as a business accelerator in this critical area: you can adopt our fully managed, fully integrated consumer cloud capability with a “ready for revenue” approach. Because the opportunity is immediate, the sooner you can commercialize, the sooner you begin to boost profile and win new revenues.

We will deliver your new consumer cloud capability in four clear phases:


  • Opportunity Analysis – every telco is different. We will start by building the business case, taking local market conditions and your own ambitions into full account. 
  • Design and Implementation - we will design your new consumer cloud to maximise the value of your current consumer data assets. Our grid-based storage approach will feature too, giving massive and immediate scalability. 
  • Ongoing Operations – you have plenty of choice in the commercial and operational model too. Atos can take full responsibility for ongoing service delivery if desired, and is always willing to explore opportunities for shared reward. 
  • Continuous Innovation – this is one of the fastest-moving areas of consumer technology and behavior, and Atos will ensure that you are able to take timely advantage of emerging trends and technologies.

The opportunity is now, and you should expect to build the business case and implement initial commercial pilots in no more than a couple of months.

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