BSS Consolidation and Harmonisation

The BSS opportunity



As a telco carrier or service provider, you know all too well the pressures of competition and rising client expectations. Consolidating your front-end technology and harmonizing your customer processes is one way of stimulating fresh growth – but vendor agendas and partner limitations often hamper the attempt to unify business impact. Now a new approach from a global independent partner offers you unique value in this complex challenge. Atos – newly transformed through alliance with Siemens – commands deep expertise already in telco processes, along with industrial levels of system integration. We bring you systematic excellence from objective consulting to cloud-driven operations – so you can remove unnecessary cost, roll out best practice and deliver next-generation results in customer relations. BSS Consolidation and Harmonisation is a proven solution set built on global delivery and acquired insights from leading telecommunication providers. From billing and revenue assurance to fraud management and customer care, we help transform IT systems into differentiated business performance.

Why now?

There’s never been a better time to consolidate, harmonise and simplify your business as customer power dominates the market and differentiated performance drives market leadership. Like your competitors, you have grown rapidly over time and collected a mixed bag of systems and environments. Which one will be first to harmonise process, consolidate technology, and overtake market growth?

Why us?

There are many partners you could choose to help you integrate your business support landscape – but few with the scope, flexibility and acquired insight of Atos. We’re not just another IT partner – we are the business technologists with over a century of industry understanding and leading positions in end-customer transaction processing. This distinctive real-world background makes our approach to consolidation swifter and lower in risk. And as your grow across borders, our recent transformation involving Siemens means we can extend European excellence to any part of the globe. BSS consolidation and harmonisation – it’s about taking your fragmented landscape and building a singular growth platform.

How we do it

Atos approaches your BSS consolidation and harmonisation challenge from another perspective – telco business processes. By coming from a sector-specific process angle, we understand your business-IT interrelationship before we set about consolidating technology systems. Atos offers you independent advice as well as proven tools and methods to measure, manage and master your BSS equation. We deploy best-practice process modeling such as eTom and SID along with expertise in service-oriented architectures, IT governance and change management. From consulting and complex system integration to scalable managed operation, we deliver a more flexible, more customer-centric partnership.

Your advantages

Driving hidden cost out of your business support systems is by no means the only benefit of consolidation and harmonisation. Cost out is only one aspect of business value here, as we help you to realize real-time performance, converge billing, adapt charging to customers, restore lost value in fraud and integrate a 360° view of your client relationships. BSS Consolidation and Harmonisation delivers real-world advantages to your front end – helping to customize rich media bundling, adjust flexibly to changing customer behavior and reinforce brand loyalty. With our Business Value Drivers methodology, we also replace IT logic inside your BSS landscape with business logic – transforming static KPIs centered around licenses and labor costs to dynamic performance based on actual business and customer outcomes.

Our track record

Uniquely, Atos inherits over 160 years of industrial know-how, and commands decades of experience helping telecommunication clients realize their core business strategies. We offer a complete set of solutions and services for your organisation, and support this system integration answer in your BSS arena with managed operation as well as combined B/OSS transformation. We have already helped leading communication brands across Europe, Africa, India and East Asia achieve success in BSS integration and gain competitive market advantage. Datamonitor, in its Black Book of Outsourcing, has repeatedly listed us as the number 1 partner in your specific industry. But don’t take their word for it. Get in touch with an Atos professional today for a more connected conversation about transforming business support.

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