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Matching the pace of digital customers

The Hospitality Sector is being forced to undergo a substantial change in the way it conducts business. Customers are becoming more digitally aware, and with the rise of digitally native disruptive players in the sector, Hospitality companies have to offer new and better ways of providing a customer focused service.

An opportunity for Reinvention

This need for business reinvention presents hospitality companies with significant opportunity to improve their customer focus, such as: 


  • Providing customers with a seamless, consistent and convenient all round experience. Regardless of the channel, they are looking for choice and flexibility but also the best security.
  • Delivering mobile engagement - which is becoming increasingly common - and making your company accessible via mobile channels. Consumers are connected 24/7 looking for a personalised, all-in-one service. Accommodating this will result in satisfying new customers and keeping existing customers loyal.
  • Correctly using the huge amount of data that is now accessible can be the most valuable asset at a company’s disposal. The deep analysis of this data is of chief importance when it comes to personalisation and operational excellence.  
  • With loss of reputation, brand damage and regulatory fines a potential consequence of any security lapse, it is imperative that any data collected and business systems stay safe. Doing so will allow customers to know they can trust your brand not just now, but in the future.
  • Ensuring IT systems are solid, flexible and agile keeping up with the pace of change in consumer habits and new digitally native players is key. Consolidation of the existing infrastructure - with self-healing, pre-emptive tech that can be teamed with seamless, invisible systems, keeping businesses futureproof.

Atos in Hospitality

Atos is exploring these opportunities with leading global brands in Hospitality, driving innovation not only in customer experience but also in internal business processes, whilst keeping businesses secure.

Atos will help your business thrive in this ever changing market as we already do for many influential players.

Did you know that we provide back-end IT solutions to the largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott. We also provide pioneering customer experience capability such as a mobile wallet for AccorHotels, and we have transformed the customer experience at Yotel and Premier Inn with self-service kiosks, providing a quick and easy digital check-in process. For McDonalds we’ve implemented a digital platform that enables their customers to order, pay and pick-up seamlessly in-store

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