Retail & The Digitally Discerning Consumer

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Demanding Digital in the Online Retail Sector - Report


Demanding Digital in the Online Retail Sector: View our Market Research Paper >>


According to UK consumers, online retail is setting the bar when it comes to digital services.




Driving the best experience for your customers

Today’s shoppers are placing increasing pressure on retailers, requiring greater connectivity, instantaneous service and a seamless experience no matter how they now choose to shop. The 6 videos below demonstrate just how and where Atos have been helping our retail customers thrive in this new digital world, driving value-add experiences and positive emotional engagements with customers.



As a retailer you want to drive a positive experience and emotional engagement between your customers and brand. But in this new hyper-connected world you need to find the balance between virtual channels and the digitised physical store that works for you, so you can provide a faultless and valuable shopping experience for your customers.
There may be a need to embrace new ways of working; using new digital technologies and solutions to reinvent how you do business and ensure your supply chain and operations are performing at optimum levels to receive process, fulfil and deliver your customers their orders.
Many retailers are also facing an overwhelming need to properly harness data  to better personalise and contextualise the shopping experience and increase engagement, footfall and ultimately sales. But at the same time there is a need to protect and secure the data your customers trust you with, whilst ensuring 100% security of all payments and transactions, no matter how or where they are made.
Atos are the business technology partner of choice for Retailers determined to thrive in this new digital world.  Everyday we’re helping more than 50 retail clients, like you, to perfect customer experience, reinvent to take advantage of new ways of working, optimise supply chains from end-to-end and ensure absolute trust and compliance so they can better connect Customers, Experiences and Transactions.

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