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Within and outside of your media organisation, there are numerous advocates of future growth – and many brilliant ideas. But turning good ideas into working reality is a rare skill set, involving acquired knowledge and highly disciplined follow-through. Never before have media leaders needed to act so dynamically – on so many different fronts – and never before have there been so many opportunities for change and growth. But no two media organisations are alike, and the path of true growth for your brand may be completely different to that of your neighboring competitor. At Atos we turn independent advice into hard reality, by following a well-tested process of identification and implementation. Whatever your strategic challenge – international growth, business remodeling, technology transformation – our special blend of global presence, vendor neutrality and insider media knowledge will help you find and follow the best path into your future. Strategic Media Consulting – it’s not about blue sky, it’s about sensing real potential and transforming it into media results.

Why consult?

Why look to someone outside your organisation for the way forward on strategic issues? You know your business best, but others may know market developments better. An external consultant is not only in a position to share best practice, but to help you discover and develop those unique next practices that will drive differentiated growth. And, of course, a strategic media consultant is in a position to join the dots between single strategies and overall corporate transformation.

The Atos difference

Atos is a media consultant with a difference. In 2004, we were the first to enter the media market as operational outsourcers. We leverage over 160 years of industrial expertise, along with decades of experience helping leading media brands extend their performance. We have no product or software agenda to play on you, so can advise you in the best interests of your business and your future flexibility. Atos is global, neutral, and inside your market arena already in a way no other IT partner – not even the biggest – can credibly claim. But these points of difference are in fact nothing compared to our essential trademark – as business technologists we listen to you first, and only then come up with the best-fit answers you really need.

How we work

Our multidisciplinary teams fuse intelligence from TV directors and producers, broadcast engineers, newsroom specialists, radio engineers, publishing specialists as well as Web 2.0/social media technologists. This rich blend of knowledge results in 360° expertise on any one media challenge – from corporate strategy to business model to process environment and technology landscape. We work collaboratively with you using proven project methodologies to remove time, cost and risk from your strategic endeavors. Everything we consult on is backed by clear and swift delivery metrics.

Your best interest

It is in your best interest to entrust strategic projects to an independent advisor, someone capable of realising goals across technologies and borders. Strategic Media Consulting is a proven discipline from Atos, recently reinforced through alliance with Siemens – one of the original global players among industry brands. We offer you fresh thinking on the widest spectrum – covering your entire growth challenge from executive strategy and business model to process re-engineering and technology resourcing. Atos has already helped leading media providers around the world – transforming to digital, realising new facilities, maximising content usage and audience loyalty. That accumulated knowledge, insight and instinct is waiting for you inside each new consulting intervention.

Customer record

Across the media world – from Canada and South Africa to the United Kingdom and Germany – Atos has deployed its strategic advice in all kinds of business scenarios. These have included complete new facility transformation, media outsourcing as well as major event consultation and multi-platform content playout. Atos is the official technology partner of The Olympic Games, delivering multiple new insights into innovative media utilisation. Strategic Media Consulting is available to you as a standalone option, or indeed one component within a broader transformation program whether that involves new facilities, new media delivery, cloud or global sourcing. The first IT partner to become operationally involved in the day-to-day running of media business, we have learned many unique lessons in how to manage change and realise growth – lessons that shorten your learning curve in strategic realisation.

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