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Online video got perso nal – with more and more people watching on tablets and smartphones, we now decide where, when and what we watch.

This personal delivery is true for advertising and additional messaging too, with contextual content channeled directly to the individual viewer. Right now, online video – fixed and mobile – is the most buoyant of all new media.

In both public and private sector organisations, people who care about the quality of communication with customers and employees, cannot ignore this change.

Atos has the technical, business and commercialisation skills to help you make online video an active and profitable ingredient in business communications.

If you are ready to putting online video to work profitably, we’re ready to help. All you need to do is start.

New Media Online Video


How you plan your online video strategy will depend on your organization’s core business. In its online video engagements with customers, Atos sees three principle classes, each with a different starting point and each with different objectives – at least with regard to external positioning.



For online video to even begin to deliver on its potential, you need to think process. Naturally this covers every aspect of ingestion (upload, encode, quality control and so on).

But business integration is even more important. It is the integration with sales and CRM, with advertising servers, with Business Intelligence and analytical programs, and with payment and transaction systems which is really going to reveal new value.

Publishing online video is something we can all do now – it’s as easy as making a call. Profitable integration within effective business workflows, however, requires very different business and technology skills.

Atos business and technical integration specialists will help you embed online video actively in your business and system processes, advising on technical choices along the way. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Video Player-Ad API Definition) are just some of the hot topics.


When you make online video an integral component of your own communication and business model, performance and delivery come high on the agenda: a Michelin chef does not serve food on a dirty plate.

Click-speed delivery, the ability to flip from thumbnail to full-screen, or to jump seamlessly between video and contextual applications – all this now becomes part of your brand value.

Scalability is critical too. A government public information campaign, for example, may need to jump overnight from a pilot of 10,000 to a state of 10 million hits or more in a day.

But winning skill lies in context management – your ability to use meta-tags to establish new business triggers is where you will create new value and new revenue.

Atos will help you determine which Online Video Platform (OVP) is most appropriate to your particular needs, and will, if desired, handle all aspects of implementation and ongoing management.

Technical Considerations

Don’t underestimate the importance of technical proficiency. Quite rightly, marketing or business development teams don’t care about the technical detail – but that doesn’t make it any less critical. Atos key technical and process capabilities in online video engagements include:

Ingestion (across all leading industry platforms)

  • Upload
  • Integration
  • Encoding
  • Quality control


  • Content Management Systems
  • Publishing workflow design and management
  • Player personalization for different delivery platforms
  • Metadata synchronization


  • Multi-platform delivery (Android, i-Phone, etc)
  • Multi-Content Delivery Network (CDN) management
  • Monetization – complex transaction management
  • Reporting – real-time business and performance analytics

Technology Partnerships and Engagement Models


As you ramp up occasional video use to make online video an integral and industrially managed strand of your business and communications, you will need to make decisions about which tools and platforms suit you best. Atos deliberately adopts a vendor-independent stance.

We work comfortably with market-leading video management solutions including those from Brightcove, Cisco, Kaltura, Kit Digital, Ooyala and The Platform. If you want us to help you make the decisions, we can share our own experience of different OVPs. If you have already decided, and now want to integrate online video fully with your existing business and communications systems, then we can work comfortably with your choice.


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New Media Online Video

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