New Media

72 hours in one minute

That’s how much new video content is uploaded onto You Tube all day, every day. Within the next 12 months, over 90% of all data traffic will be video. It’s a shift for consumers – and a shift for businesses of every kind towards richer and more vibrant communication with customers.

For media and telecommunications companies, new media means new business opportunities:


  • Data, voice and video converge and combine
  • New media spans one-to-one and one-to-many communications
  • The landscape covers fixed and mobile
  • It offers passive and interactive customer experience
  • It exploits both recorded and real-time digital communications
  • And all of this becomes the reality – in any combination.

As business technologists with exceptional media experience, Atos is helping forward-looking organisations in every sector take advantage of these opportunities – with a natural focus on the benefits for media and telecommunications media companies.

New Media

The Atos proposition for New Media is simple, practical and direct.
We have three focused, industrialised key offerings ready to go, with:

  • New Media in Sport
  • New Media Online Video, and
  • New Media Archive on Demand

If you engage with Atos for any of these three key offerings you get the chance to establish robust, marketable and differentiating new media services. This will lead to increased revenue and a heightened profile as a new media player with both your business and consumer customers.

Atos has a long history of close collaboration with both media and telecommunications companies. Although new media is transforming the business landscape, this deep knowledge of the business culture and the associated processes adds core value.

Even though the way in which media companies and content aggregators gather and re-use their digital assets is changing radically, journalists, program makers and news teams still need tools and technologies which fit their very specific professional needs.

We have designed our new media services to enable media and telecommunications companies to add billable, value-added products to their current portfolios - rapidly and without either risk or capital investment.


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