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Today’s broadcasting professionals must manage extraordinary complexity in real‑time: switching sources; managing play‑out; transferring content between studios and outside broadcast units; mixing sound and vision – and much more besides.


BNCS – the Atos Broadcast Network Control System – has been designed for media professionals by media professionals to help them manage this complexity with maximum efficiency.


It offers a robust and comprehensive single point of control for the continually expanding mix of media technologies and devices. This boosts operator efficiency and creativity, while reducing the risk and cost of error.


The Atos media specialists have been working on continuous system development since it was first implemented for the world’s leading public service broadcast organization almost twenty years ago.




Atos BNCS is designed around a logical three-layer architecture.


  • Drivers - The system maintains a continually growing library of drivers for the hundreds of devices used by media and broadcast companies. We can “add on demand” – sourcing new drivers as new devices come to market, on the one hand, or adding according to the specific mix of devices used by an individual client, on the other.
  • Rules - BNCS is rule-based. This is the foundation of operational efficiency and to the elimination of error. From an operational perspective, broadcast and media companies share more common characteristics than differences. This means that you can exploit the majority of existing rules developed within the system, while tuning or writing from new where required.
  • Panels - The panel is the front-end – and for the operator, it’s the bit that really matters: everything else is hidden. We add real value here in lots of ways. We support operational agility – a must for any busy digital media center. You can, for example, set up your control panels to allow any mix of processes and devices to be supported from any panel – calling up operator interfaces instantly according to immediate need with everything designed for easy touch-screen use.

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