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Connected Consumers

As a media company, how do you earn the position of “first choice” for your target audience – and manage advertising too – whatever the context?


In our Digital Business Empowerment engagements with media clients, we ask how smart thinking can help you build individual relationships with individual customers - and that means knowing what your audience members are interested in and what they need - knowing what they like and dislike, and knowing how their expectations are changing.


The quality of customer experience counts: happy and engaged customers are loyal customers – and loyal and happy customers are the ones who help you build reputation and revenue.


As a media company, how can you win and keep the loyalty of your target audiences in this most volatile of markets? In short, how can you achieve the pole positon of “default media setting” on every phone, tablet and TV screen?


Atos brings a real breadth of sector-specific business technology skills to these discussions, including:


  • Olympics Smart Player - Live and on-demand sports synchronised with real-time results and stats with multi-audio commentaries and key information tagged on time bar
  • OTT service provision - Extending audience choice by empowering new media and non-media players to deliver information and entertainment services
  • Multi-channel voting - Giving audiences the opportunity to get personally involved with their favorite programs

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