Business Reinvention for Media

Reinvention of Value Chains

Successful media companies have always learned how to embrace change for success – while at the same time protecting and valuing core values. There are examples everywhere. Just think about 3D movies or about the use of drones and remote control cameras. These techniques have moved rapidly from the niche to the mainstream – but their success still rests on a much older skill: the ability to tell a great story.


Media companies know how to balance the values of a strong craft tradition with a thirst for continual innovation.


The question now, is what next? How can you take advantage of the changes which apply to you and your competitors to continually create new business openings and new streams of sustainable revenue? And how can you do this is a way that respects and benefits from your core values as a media company?


There is one thing for sure. Digital is no longer an “add-on” for today’s smart media companies – it is at the heart of strategy and development.


Make Atos your partner in this exciting exploration of new digital opportunity. We are ready to share our own media experience and proven expertise in specialties including:


  • Strategic media consulting - This is consulting that delivers – this isn’t tech-talk – it’s peer-to-peer intelligence from our media specialists to your own
  • Media data analytics - Bringing new and actionable business intelligence derived directly from real-time audience behavior
  • Digital media supply chain - Focusing on processes with a single logical view of a comprehensive Media Asset Repository now becomes the key to profitable cross-business collaboration.

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