Trust & Compliance for Media

Protected assets

In a world of multi-channel, non-scheduled content consumption, how do you protect assets and manage rights?


Customer data gains in critical importance too: as Media becomes increasingly involving and interactive, sometimes with a strong transactional element, the need to protect audience data becomes even more important.


In short, customer data and content must be guaranteed protection at all times. When, for example, an online gaming environment can generate deeply personal profiles of millions of users, showing not only their gaming habits and preferences but also their personal and financial transaction details – loss or disclosure can have disastrous consequences.


Trust and compliance must now become a permanent feature on every media agenda.


In considering customer experience, business reinvention and operational excellence, Atos ensures that trust and compliance remain prominent on the business and technology agenda. As we begin to explore the future landscape of digital business empowerment, we will place particular emphasis on:


  • Transaction security - E-transaction services with a focus on contextual mobile payment from Atos Worldline
  • Cybersecurity - Media security consultancy, end-to-end security design and Security Operation Centers (SOCs)

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