Operational Excellence for Media

Augment agility

How can you create, deliver, monetise and protect content of appropriate quality in the most timely and cost-effective manner?


The media industry has always placed the highest value on craft skills – and people with craft skills can easily feel threatened with technologies that transform operations. But in the ongoing pursuit of operational excellence, media companies must ask how innovation can make the most positive contribution. How can digital innovation help a whole new generation of media craft specialists reach even greater heights of creativity?


How can innovation help ensure that money is spent where it does most good – namely in creating quality content and ensuring it can be enjoyed by the widest possible audiences?


In our shared consideration of Digital Business Empowerment, we will place real emphasis on the question of how to make every media process “faster, better and cheaper”.


In our exploration of digital transformation and operational excellence, we will share ideas and examples of specialties including:


  • ITO and MOO - Atos combines IT and Media Operations Outsourcing to boost operational agility and minimise cost
  • BNCS - Broadcast Network Control System let you manage hundreds of production devices through clear digital interfaces for higher productivity and lower cost
  • Canopy Media Cloud - Pre-integrated media components to offer an end-to-end cloud solution with the levels of service quality, availability and security required by the media organisations

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