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Media organisations today are faced with massive transformation challenges – Media Facilities Creation is one way of enabling these changes in a measurable and planned manner. Temporary event, business upgrade or permanent re-location – facilities creation is a singular opportunity to rethink your brand and redesign your processes. Atos is unparalleled in this critical arena, building on highly innovative facility projects on both sides of the Atlantic and across the world. We help you optimise this opportunity by providing program leadership, system integration, multi-infrastructure alignment as well as operational management beyond handover as required. Whether your goal is to revamp existing facilities, stretch corporate resources to realize a major event across borders or centralise your organizational footprint, we accompany you all the way from strategic blueprint to new working reality. Let’s discuss possibilities.

Dream to realisation

The decision to create new facilities is easily taken but often challenging to realize. Transformation on this scale requires experience and method – your organisation not only needs to change fundamentally but maintain media continuity throughout. Major change can often be highly time- and cost-intensive, as well as exposing your brand to risks and project variables. That is why leading media players place their trust in a proven transformer like Atos – a vendor-independent and global partner with built-up expertise in major facilities creation.

Unique qualifications

Atos is distinctly qualified to be your new facilities partner, particularly after transforming itself through strategic alliance with a multi-infrastructure engineer such as Siemens. Atos was first among IT partners to engage operationally in the media world, and has since gained unique insights into transforming media facilities from the ground up. On multiple continents, we command the necessary experience of creating and operating state-of-the-art media facilities. More than an information technologist, we are business technologists with equal scope over media, IT, communication and other infrastructure layers. When it comes to facilities creation, depth of experience counts for everything.

The Atos approach

We approach your facilities strategy as an independent consultant, system integrator and operator. That means our priority is your best business interest, including making the most of legacy investments in your new technology environment. We follow a tested project discipline across all phases from design and mobilisation to implementation, handover and operation. We leverage mature skill sets across data architecture, digital production and libraries as well as asset and broadcast management. The Atos approach is also global, meaning you get the same standards of excellence across your organisational footprint and temporary facility landscape. Wherever you are, we are.

What you get

When you engage Atos for new facilities creation, you get a world-class IT partner with unique media insight and intuition. We work as lead integrator and project manager to ensure your targets are met by all suppliers and partners. We consult you on the best possible design of new processes. We help you optimise the balance between technology innovation and legacy value. We integrate across technologies and infrastructures to unify your operations and resources. When it comes time to hand over, we are also there to operate your facilities should you decide. With Media Facilities Creation, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redesign your entire organisation and ensure it is future-proof for years to come. And with a partner like Atos, you get best of breed plus best practice.

The real agenda

The real agenda behind Media Facilities Creation is not about the facilities themselves – or even about the seamless new processes made possible by digital transformation. The whole point is to re-engage your workforce and re-connect with audiences worldwide through a whole new kind of performance platform. At Atos we are keenly aware of this big picture behind all facilities programs – even those temporary events that come and go but burn your brand into the public’s memory. We deliver a whole range of cutting-edge solutions and services – from new media options and smart mobility to payment – that support and complement your new facilities. The media world is undergoing reinvention as never before – as individual brands find their space in a consumer-driven market dominated by content ubiquity. Media Facilities Creation is the foundation for reinventing your future. Fast forward to future-state performance with a proven facility transformer.

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