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Everybody knows that this is the age of digital media. But really - just how digital are you? The real test is not about media formats or transmission and access technologies. It is about the agility and intelligence with which you manage your digital media assets.

You need to provide effective, immediate and intuitive access to valuable archives – making it possible to use and monetise media assets with flair and agility.

You need the constantly growing volumes of new assets to be logged for the greatest production efficiency – and today this means embedding and exploiting a vast array of format, geographical and rights data.

There are some great technical platforms out there – and Atos works with them all. But this is not a technical fix. Media Asset Management goes to the heart of your digital future and that means putting culture, process and ambition before your platform choice.

Atos is at the forefront of effective Media Asset Management design and implementation. We will enable you to truly liberate your media assets.

It’s creative. It’s profitable. It’s inevitable.

Your business technologists.

Powering progress.

Atos Media Asset Management

MAM is not a technology fix

Full scope MAM implementation is not simply about buying and installing a solution. There are some fantastic technical platforms available, including those from Avid, Cinergy, Dalet and Vizrt – and Atos works with them all.

But the starting point for any successful adoption begins with hardcore process analysis – based on current practice and future ambition.

The media specialists at Atos – many of whom are recruited directly from leading innovators in broadcast – will ensure you cover the full picture with absolute focus on your values and culture.

If, for example, you own vast archives of historical assets on media which are no longer supported, your starting point will be different from that of a company that was born digital.

Clear goals

Your MAM approach must be designed to work the way your people work. It must also help actively educate and develop their skills for the road ahead. At its simplest, you need to ensure that people can:


  • Find and use what they are looking for
  • Be inspired by choices they had not thought of

Beyond these simple but essential objectives, goals are influenced by culture, commercial models, digital rights, media formats and technology management.


  • Locating and using any digital asset “on demand”: making sure that program makers and audiences can find what they need in whatever format they need it, intuitively and immediately.
  • Understanding what is being used, who by and when - providing a clear view of how your media assets are being used – and hence to their commercial value.
  • Being sure that all rights are observed and respected - minimizing the risk and consequences of rights abuse, whether accidental or conscious.
  • Making it possible for content to be used on any device - ensuring that assets are always delivered in the format required, minimizing the cost and effort of extended digital wrangling.
  • Tracking commercial history and return of assets - understanding the business return on digital assets, as they are used and re-used in multiple contexts.

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Download Media Asset Management Brochure >>


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