ITO for Media

IT partnership for Media


Four social and technology trends underpin media transformation:


  • Social networking – moving interaction to a new plane
  • Mobility – engaging audiences anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Information – serving audiences like an orchestra – not a single instrument
  • Cloud – liberating media companies from IT mechanics

Operating in one of the most dynamic of all professional landscapes, these emerging trends leave traditional media IT service approaches looking distinctly tired.


Traditional three and five year fixed IT service arrangements can no longer deliver the agility or inspiration demanded by today’s media companies. When IT is so central to both audience experience and content generation, you demand IT partners able to deliver strategic business value – ticking the technical SLAs is no longer good enough.


Before you issue the next IT service RFP, why not raise your service expectations to a new level. Atos wants to talk strategic service value.


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