Interactive TV

Who wins in the interactive TV game?


Every media and TV market is undergoing profound disruption and fierce competition for audience loyalty. Atos creates new ways to monetise broadcast content, grow revenues and give viewers more of what they want.

Our interactive multi-screen TV technologies enable broadcasters to deliver an enriched TV entertainment experience and value-added features to any device, tablet PC or smartphone – at any time, in any format, at home and on the move.

What’s more, our Saas model makes it easier, faster and more affordable to respond rapidly to what’s trending, deliver exciting new TV services and engage for profit with consumers.

Smart devices are radically transforming how people engage with and consume TV. Media multi-tasking has become mainstream. When consumers have so much choice, broadcast success will depend on content commercialisation and customer retention strategies that build revenues, brands and loyalty through enhanced audience interaction. That’s where Atos can give you the edge.

Interactive TV

Get closer to TV consumers

From toddlers to teens and parents to seniors, consumers are in control, with more people scheduling their entertainment to suit personal tastes and lifestyles.

Switch on to new opportunities


Atos interactivity creates new ways to engage with viewers by enabling:

  • Addition of contextual information to complement TV programs
  • Contextual commercials and product placement
  • Dynamic voting, quizzes, surveys, elections
  • eCommerce and online shopping
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Upselling commercial airtime and sponsorship.

Create profitable interaction


Our interactive multi-screen TV technologies include:

  • Applications for set-top boxes and connected TV
  • Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) and smart TV solutions
  • Second screen services to stream content via a smart device while the TV program is playing
  • Social TV services that link viewers to targeted applications on social networks.

Integrating these with CRM, eCommerce and payment processing adds more value, improves audience share and generates extra revenue.

Bring your interactive TV vision to life,


Our expertise and resources in digital media, broadcast, telecoms and IT systems have been combined within an end-to-end Saas-based technical infrastructure that can host and manage the most advanced interactive multi-screen TV services:

  • Deliver over multiple platforms to multiple devices
  • Run all your applications as fully managed services
  • Handle major events and peak volume traffic
  • Integrate advanced features with seamless payment modes
  • Create a full cross-channel media experience
  • Give viewers more choice and more of what they enjoy.

A trusted technical partner


Since the start of the digital era, Atos has enabled world-leading broadcasters and content providers to bring innovative services to market, with an especially strong new media presence in entertainment, sport and online video. Successes include:

  • The first HbbTV monetized voting system in France for TF1
  • Delivery of enhanced live event content from the 2012 Paralympic Games
  • Second screen services during popular shows for M6 Group in France
  • Interactivity as a service for voting, quizzes and to win prizes
  • Social TV for program-related live chat via TV or smart tablet
  • One-click buying on a mobile via eCommerce IPTV
  • HbbTV portal development, delivery and hosting
  • On-demand broadcasting with live replays and catch-up TV
  • New interactive advertising formats
  • Direct SMS and IVR interaction with live TV shows.

Complete managed services approach


  • Take your interactive multi-screen TV services to market fast
  • No capital outlay or up-front investment in costly hardware and software
  • Future-readiness – respond rapidly to viewer trends and behavior
  • Minimize risk and operational costs while maximising results.

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