Cloud for Media

Cloud shift in media



Cloud is set to impact media companies massively. It affects the way in which content is delivered to the consumer. It affects the way broadcasters and publishers work with their wealth of specialist partners. It affects the way major media companies organize their internal resources and business processes.

Three dominant cloud-related themes emerge in our discussions with broadcasters and publishers: 

  • Non-linear programming – the thirst for content has never been greater. How can cloud help foster more agile and adaptive means to make and market content?
  • Monetisation – it must be smart, agile and granular. When content can go global in seconds, how do content owners keep track?
  • Process transformation – you demand agility for content ingestion, contribution, play-out and post-production. Is there space for a progressive cloud approach?

Cloud is already part of these and many other of our business discussions with media clients. We think it’s time to move it up the agenda

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