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We used to talk about “mass media”. Maybe that needs to change. There is one thing that is going to underpin sustainable success for every media company from now on – and that is the ability to know and act on the tastes and preferences of your individual customers in real-time. In media, this is where Big Data comes to life.

Media companies of every kind have the chance to develop personalised relationships with their clients which until now have been unimaginable. And it is this focus on the personal experience which spreads outwards to create new opportunities in every area of your business. You can now:


  • Understand how, where and when people are enjoying your services
  • Reveal exactly who is accessing which content
  • Open new channels for personal interaction and profitable dialogue
  • Extend influence far beyond existing geographies and target audiences
  • Aggregate individual data for insight and intelligence across your media landscape


These five capabilities all combine to build deeper loyalties, expanded relationships and new revenue streams.

The Atos big data and media specialists are eager to help you explore a new world of data-driven insight – drawing from experience across multiple industry sectors.


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Atos – Big Data for Media

Building on experience


Big Data now features on the agenda right across the Atos media-specific portfolio. Here are just a few examples of how this increased emphasis on analytics and data management has now become part of Atos’ business discussions with media clients.


  • Media Asset Management - Aggregating the usage data of single assets reveals patterns of value across entire media types and themes.
  • Resource Scheduling - Our media clients need clear and actionable intelligence to be an integral element of their resource scheduling toolsets, and this demands effective presentation of both historical and real-time resource data.
  • Interactive TV - Track and analyse every click – both to recommend content and to automate delivery according to personal preference. In parallel, you will reveal the trends and patterns which guide future investment and development.
  • New Media Online Video - This is a gold mine for media companies. But to capitalise on the opportunity, you must be able to process huge volumes of real-time data, extract the intelligence needed for monetisation and do so while complying fully with privacy regulation.
  • User Generated Content - User generated content raises complex questions of rights, regulation and payment too. Both media companies and non-media enterprises need to track the momentum of this new content across their own and third party channels.
  • New Media in Sport - Fans can never get enough facts – and as interactive services break down the divide between gaming and watching, data volumes explode. But Big Data is not just about the fans’ experience – rights management, for example, becomes massively articulated with new media in sport.

Talk to Atos media and big data specialists to explore these immediate opportunities.

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