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Whether you create, commission or buy content - your success as a media company is built on the delight you give your audience. No matter how important the mechanics of delivery are, nobody is ever going to notice it unless something goes wrong.


Your Media Operations Outsourcing partner must be able to deliver complete reliability and drive out cost. It’s time to liberate cash, so you can invest it where it makes a difference adding business value to your operation.


Over the last twenty years, Atos has built a reputation as an operational service provider to the world’s best known public service broadcast organisation. This skill and experience has been gradually carried into new markets over the last five years, and today, broadcast operational outsourcing clients include many of the best-known names in media. 


Atos offers a complete catalog of Media Operations Outsourcing services, along with an extended range of distribution management functions.


In addition to the “five factory functions” outlined in the graphic above, Atos also offers valuable support as a broker and service interface with the increasingly rich mix of platform operators on which media companies rely for both broadcast and online delivery.


These include cable and satellite companies, WAN providers and ISPs, and specialist Content Delivery Network companies. This activity is particularly valued at a time when media and telecommunications companies are seeking to co-exist amicably in the face of already dwindling 4G bandwidth.



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