Transforming Manufacturing - Embracing Digital

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Our view of what digital really means  for Manufacturers

There are two major concerns for every modern manufacturer: ensuring maximum operational performance and embracing new opportunities for growth.

To address these concerns, compete successfully, and position for the future, there is a need for digital transformation. This shift to digital, not only within organisations but across our entire lives, has, and will continue to, introduce new ways of working and uncover new opportunities.

But Digital is much more than just technology and software. For any organisation, becoming truly digital requires a different mind-set and increased flexibility.

It requires a redefinition of structures and roles, and the use of new technologies to make innovation happen.

Empowering our clients to transform and embrace digital is our key objective, no more so than in manufacturing as our clients look to harness Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future initiatives.

At Atos we see the digital transformation journey as comprising 4 key areas, each of which need to be addressed on your journey to digital transformation. These 4 key areas are; Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Business Reinvention, and Trust and Compliance.

To set up your own BTIC session to understand just how embracing digital can help you transform your manufacturing, contact us using the details on the right hand side of this page

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