Atos – Siemens PLM Software Alliance

Competitive advantage through PLM excellence

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has been transforming manufacturing businesses for decades, and is strongly influencing many other sectors, as well. By eliminating silos and enabling straight through processes, PLM reduces design and development cycles, cuts the risk of new product introductions, while speeding time to market and improving responsiveness to customer-driven changes. Integrating core processes drives higher productivity, reduces fixed costs and makes it possible to manage global supply chains with high efficiency, low risk and assured compliance.

The winning combination in PLM

The strategic alliance between Atos and Siemens PLM Software offers something quite unique: the best of PLM from true industry experts, with an approach based on a 160 year history of manufacturing leadership.

Parent company Siemens AG is one of the world’s greatest manufacturing and engineering companies, with a presence in almost every country and long-term heritage of excellence in multiple sectors. Siemens AG is also one of the world’s most powerful PLM software specialists, and Siemens PLM Software serves more than 71,000 customers with 7 million licensesseats, right across the world.

Atos is a global powerhouse in IT services and is a proven leader in PLM design, implementation and management. With 400 dedicated PLM consultants and 10,000 expert technologists across the world, we can mobilise unparalleled resources to deliver transformational PLM projects.

The Alliance difference

The Atos – Siemens PLM Software alliance is not simply about size and global reach: there is a qualitative difference to our approach.

The alliance has manufacturing in its DNA, with true expertise, not just in PLM but in the other core processes that have helped to transform global enterprises: ERP, MES and BPM. So we can offer outstanding expertise based on deep business understanding and a track record in succesful implementations where PLM is fully integrated with the entire process and application landscape.

Atos and Siemens PLM Software bring a comprehensive portfolio of PLM solutions, covering the entire design, implementation and management process, end to end. It includes:

  • PLM consultancy, from initial maturity scan to architecture definition and roadmap to the future.
  • Core PLM services, from design and implementation, to system migration and integration with other core systems and processes, including ERP, MES and BPM.
  • PLM industry-specific solutions, specifically tailored for the needs of industry verticals that range from automotive to aerospace to defense and beyond.
  • PLM outsourcing services, which include ground-breaking options for Cloud delivery and scalable, pay as–you-go provision, as well, using TeamcentreTM from Siemens PLM Software

Together, Atos and Siemens PLM Software have key personnel based at over 30 locations across the world and a strong footprint in every leading manufacturing centre in Europe, Asia and the Americas. With both nearshore and offshore delivery centres in place to support delivery, we can deliver the right combination of innovative thinking, hands-on local support and an ideal blend of low-cost delivery.

To find out more about the unique potential of the Atos – Siemens PLM Software alliance to drive competitive advantage for you through PLM, contact us to arrange for a discovery workshop or just to talk with one of our experts.

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PLM Alliance
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